Brighten Your Winter Riding: the Tweeks Cycles Bike Light Buying Guide

It’s that time of year when lights become a requirement for almost any kind of riding outside working hours. Thankfully these days bicycle lights are great pieces of kit that are powerful, reliable and easy to use; a far cry from the cumbersome, weak and complicated affairs from as little as a few years ago.

Modern bike lights are so good they make riding at night a real pleasure. You can ride on the road on an evening group thrash or battle through the traffic on your daily commute safe in the knowledge you are visible to other road users and that any unlit, leafy and mucky roads won’t be a terrifying brake lever-grabbing suicide mission.

For those who get their thrills off the beaten track, riding at night transforms your familiar local loop into a whole new experience; bringing a new sense of adventure to your old favourites. Our huge range of lights covers all bases, so we’ve assembled our best picks from our range of road, commuting and MTB lights to ensure you can get the best lights for your next ride.

Commuting and road bike lights

Not only are lights completely necessary at this time of year, they’re also a legal requirement if you want to spend your time out on the open road after dark. Out right power isn’t the name of the game here; if anything, above 1500 lumens is overkill on the road. A decently powerful and user-friendly front light combined with a bright rear light is perfect for making sure you remain visible to other road users. Here’s our top picks for road cycling & commuting:

Lezyne Zecto Drive Auto 80 Rear Light

Boasting an impressive 80 lumens in the powerful “Blast” mode, the Zecto Drive Auto 80 is a compact, user-friendly light that packs a punch. Easily chargeable via USB, it can be fitted or removed in seconds thanks to its quick release strap design.

Moon Nebula Rear Cycle Light

Thanks to its slim design and versatile mounting the system, the Moon Nebula can be mounted pretty much anywhere on your bike, or even on yourself! Emitting up to 180 lumens and offering 270 degrees of visibility, you’ll be hard to miss when using this light!

Cateye Volt 800 RC Front Cycle Light

Featuring 5 modes, a USB-rechargeable Li-ion cartridge battery and runtimes from 2 to 80 hours in a slick, concise body emitting up to 800 lumens, the Volt 800 makes a great riding companion. It’s balance between minimalism and functionality makes the perfect light for training or commuting.

Exposure Lights Strada RS Front Light

The Strada RS has been perfectly tailored for tarmac, designed to light verges and give exceptional side visibility whilst avoiding dazzling other road users. If you are looking for a compact, lightweight and powerful light that is built to last then the Strada RS is the light for you.

MTB Lights

Hitting familiar trails at night is a real buzz. Lines you’re confident hitting during the day suddenly become a whole new challenge and bringing a huge thrill with it. Mountain biking at night requires lumens and lots of them! It’s best to team a handlebar light with a helmet light, so all bases are covered. Aim for around 1000 lumens on your helmet and 1500 or more lumens on your bars and you won’t go far wrong. Check out the best our collection has to offer:

Blackburn Dayblazer 1100 Front Light

Blackburn’s Dayblazer 1100 Front Light packs a real punch in spite of its diminutive size! With up to 1100 lumens available to light the trail, the Dayblazer 1100 is extremely versatile, great value and can be mounted on a handlebar or helmet.

Lezyne Super Drive 1500XXL Front Light

Lezyne’s Super Drive 1500XXL is perfect for short, fast blasts in the woods after work. Emitting up to 1500 lumens from its 3 LEDs, it can be quickly fitted to your bike using the secure rubber strap and has enough juice from its Li-Ion battery to run for 2 ½ hours on full power.

Exposure Lights Diablo MK10 Front Light

The Exposure Diablo is the ultimate helmet light. Crammed with the latest technology including a clever touch sensitive TAP function for changing between modes, the Diablo throws out 1500 lumens to illuminate you way up, down or along any trail. The Diablo is simply the best you can buy!

Exposure Lights Maxx-D MK11 Front Light

If you want the pinnacle of lighting technology, you need to check out the Exposure Maxx-D. With intelligent Reflex+ technology that adapts to the trails as you ride, the Maxx-D conjures up a massive 3300 lumens, helping you blaze round the trails like its daylight!

So, there you have it. If you want to hit the road or the trails safe in the knowledge you have some of the best lights you can buy, you won’t go far wrong with the choices above.

Of course, though, the rest of our range is more than worthy of a look, so if you want to peruse our full-range of lights you can head to our website or call our sales team on 01978 660003 and they can help you find the perfect light or lights that suit your personal needs.


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