Hirzl Grippp Tour SF 2.0 Review

When it comes to summer cycling kit one item that most riders will need is a decent pair of fingerless gloves, or mitts as they are better known in the cycling world. Not only do they help to give extra grip and comfort on the handlebar but they also help to prevent road rash if you do have an off.

The mitts I’d been wearing for the last few years had finally seen better days, so I was in the market for some new ones. Choosing a pair should be easy but being indecisive I must have tried about 10 different pairs on before deciding on the Hirzl Grippp Tour SF 2.0 gloves.                      

For those of you that don’t know Hirzl are a Swiss born brand dedicated to designing and producing high performance gloves for a variety of sports activities. Unlike many other manufacturers of sporting goods who offer a wide range of equipment, footwear and fashion items, Hirzl focus exclusively on gloves. Hirzl’s philosophy is based upon the firms belief that gloves are an essential part of the equipment for many types of sports. When gloves are used in sports, they become the only true link between the hands of the sportsperson and their equipment

When it comes to cycling gloves, whether that’s long or short finger I prefer something with minimal padding as I like to have plenty of feel through the handlebar. Unlike most modern gloves the Hirzl Grippp Tour SF 2.0 feature a kangaroo leather palm with small amount of gel padding under the fingers and base of the thumb for added comfort. The finish to the palm has a slightly sticky feel to it, which comes from the Grippp polymer that is added. This gives excellent grip levels on either the bar tape or the hoods. I’ve only used the mitts for 2 weeks so far but in that time I’ve cycled through various weather conditions including rain and sunshine and not once did the gloves lose grip on the handlebar.

The back of the hand features a breathable, stretchable membrane that has done a good job of keeping the hands cool in warm conditions. Living in the UK I’ve not been lucky enough to test them in extreme heat, but I’ve done a few rides at 20-25°C and my hands remained cool throughout the ride. The wrist is held in place by a simple velcro strap which is only small, so it doesn’t get in the way like it has done on other gloves I’ve worn. The two middle fingers feature leather tabs to help get the gloves off easily. This feature does work most of the time but personally I found it a little tricky if my hands were slightly sweaty so I found it easier to roll them off from the wrist.  The gloves are finished with a rubberized ‘GRIPPP’ logo that comes in different colours depending on which colour of glove you choose. Being a typical roadie, I chose the black on black version to match the rest of my kit.

Compared to all mitts I have used over the years the Hirzl Grippp Tour SF 2.0 are by far the most expensive but when you consider you are getting a real leather palm rather than synthetic it’s easy to justify the price tag.

It’s hard to find a negative with the Hirzl Gripp Tour SF 2.0 mitts with the only I could think of is the sizing. Compared to many mitts they size up really small so that’s worth remembering if you look to order a pair, especially online. I ended up wearing an extra large when I typically wear a medium or large with other brands I use.

If like me, you prefer mitts with minimal padding and with excellent grip in all weather conditions then the Hirlz Grippp Tour SF 2.0 mitts should definitely be one for you to consider!

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