We Review the Hope Tech 3 E4 Brakes

Hope have been making some of the best disc brakes around for over 25 years and are renowned around the world for their stunning industrial looks and stellar performance.

The Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes may have been around for few years but that doesn’t stop them from being among the best brakes you can buy. A real staff favourite here at Tweeks Towers, the E4 is suitable for a wide range of bikes from Cross-Country and trail bikes right through to heavy-weight enduro sleds.

The first thing that strikes you about any Hope Tech brakes is the finish: they’re stunning! Beautifully anodised and machined, they look unlike any other brake on the market and just ooze quality and style.

Easy to setup, and fully adjustable

The Tech 3 lever has a huge range of adjustment, so you can dial them in perfectly to your preference, regardless of how small or big your hands are, or how you like your bike’s brakes to feel. If you’ve been struggling to get your current brakes setup just how you like them then you’ll have no problems with the Hope Tech 3 E4.

The lever can also be mated to both Shimano and SRAM shifters with separate mounts, so you can have a super clean cockpit with ease. The drilled levers not only look insane, they also provide excellent grip in all conditions too.

With the ergonomics dialled, the caliper is the business end of the action. With four pistons clamping down on the rotor, Hope E4 brakes offer plenty of power. Unlike some other powerful brakes though, the E4 is easily controlled with excellent modulation allowing you to squeeze maximum power out of the brakes without locking a wheel.

They’re incredible in loose conditions, too. Where other brakes will be locking up at a moment’s notice, you can keep you speed under control far easier with the Hope Tech 3 E4’s. Pad life from the standard fit sintered pads is excellent, so even in the worst conditions you can be sure the pads are going to last far longer than a few rides.

Iconic Hope Technology customisation

Customisation is what Hope components are known for and their brakes are no different. In addition to the usual six anodised colours you have to choose from, Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes can be fitted with standard or braided hoses depending on your preference, and pretty much anything on the brakes can be customised with a range of anodised accessories to match (or clash!) the rest of your bike.

The excellent Tech 3 lever is also shared with the other brakes in Hope Tech’s range, so if you need the ultimate in power you can check out the V4 while lighter riders or XC racers will be well served by the super-light X2.

If there’s one area we don’t think is worth skimping on then it’s your brakes, and the Hope Tech 3 E4 hydraulic disc brake is a brilliant all-rounder, well suited to a wide range of bikes and riding styles. Yes there’s cheaper or more powerful brakes out there, but for all-round ability, performance and reliability few can match the Hope Tech 3 E4.

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